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The Conflict In Kashmir Is Based On Which Type Of Boundary Disagreement

In 1994, the NGO Commission of Jurists sent a fact-finding mission to Kashmir. The IJ mission concluded that the right to self-determination to which the peoples of Jammu and Kashmir were entitled in the division process had not been exercised, abandoned and therefore remained exerciseable. [236] As the people of Kashmir have a right to self-determination, their insurrection was legitimate. It does not follow that Pakistan had the right to support the militants. [237] In a report entitled Pakistan`s Role in the 2001 RAND Corporation Kashmir Uprising, The think tank said: "The nature of the Kashmir conflict has gone from a originally secular and localized struggle (conducted on the Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front - JKLF) to a struggle that is now largely led by foreign activists and rationalized on a pan-Islamic religious level." The majority of militant organizations are made up of foreign mercenaries, mainly from Pakistani Punjab. [280] In 2010, Pakistan, with the support of its secret services, again "strengthened" Kashmiri fighters, and mujahideen recruitment in Pakistan`s Punjab state intensified. [282] In 2011, the FBI revealed that Pakistan`s spy agency ISI paid millions of dollars to a U.S.-based non-governmental organization to influence politicians and opinion makers on the Kashmir issue, and arrested Syed Ghulam Nabi Fai. [283] In 2009, the Pakistani government introduced a Gilgit-Baltistan autonomy package, which confers similar rights to those of other Pakistani provinces. [521] Gilgit-Baltistan thus obtains provincial status without such a status being conferred on it by the constitution. [521] [523] The direct regime in Islamabad was replaced by a legislative assembly elected under the presidency of a Prime Minister. [521] [523] The 2009 reform failed to satisfy indigenous peoples who claim civil rights and left Gilgit Baltistan`s constitutional status within Pakistan indefinite; although he added to the territory`s self-identification.

According to Antia Mato Bouzas, Pakistan`s PPP-led government had tried to find a compromise between its official position on Kashmir and the demands of a population in which the majority might have pro-Pakistani sentiments. [527] Militants launched attacks on an Indian paramilitary camp near Srinagar in October 2017 and on an Indian military base in the Jammu region in February 2018, killing five soldiers and one civilian. The attacks took place in the midst of a period of increased cross-border fire along the Line of Control, with more than three thousand offences reported in 2017 and nearly a thousand in the first half of 2018.

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