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Paris Climate Agreement The Hindu

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has promised that his government will join the landmark Paris climate change agreement. While Biden`s climate plan has been recognized as the most ambitious ever proposed by the United States, some critics say it is still not going well. Republicans criticized Biden`s climate plan as too expensive, with Vice President Mike Pence calling it "a $2 trillion version of the Green New Deal" during his debate with Senator Kamala Harris last month. "The next president will have to immediately join the agreement and commit to the rapid and complete transformation of clean energy that the climate emergency requires," said Jean Su, energy director at the Center for Biological Diversity. Pending its formal withdrawal, the United States will continue to participate in negotiations on the technical aspects of the agreement, represented by State Department officials. The conditions are in place for all countries to achieve a low-carbon path, setting the "well below 2 degrees C" target for temperature increase and setting a financing system for developing countries to facilitate the transition. If Biden has the opportunity to get U.S. policy back on track, it means a return to the scientific consensus of the U.N. climate change system and a progressive plan to find opposable goals that will bring zero emissions to the United States by the middle of the century and make measurable progress in that direction. , to encourage the cross-sector use of clean energy, to reduce the energy footprint of buildings by modernizing them and to switch completely to electricity for new light and medium-sized commercial vehicles. The United States will strive to achieve a 100% clean energy economy and achieve zero net emissions by 2050 at the latest. The United States could lead the global search for dangerous climate change under President Joe Biden, mark a return to global cooperation and reverse President Donald Trump`s isolationist rejection of efforts to reduce CO2 emissions.

Then there is the delicate issue of finances. Developed countries are expected to provide $100 billion a year to developing countries, according to an agreement reached in Cancun in 2010. This has not been the case and developing countries say that all the means and technologies necessary to achieve the paris targets should be beyond that. Biden proposed a $5 trillion plan to combat climate change. >> There will be a national contribution every five years to climate change measures Russia is the fourth largest emitter of greenhouse gases and the largest emitter not to have ratified the pioneering global climate agreement. Billionaire Michael Bloomberg, the UN special envoy for climate change, said his philanthropic organization would continue to fund U.S. participation in the upcoming climate change negotiations, which will take place in Madrid after Chile`s withdrawal as host. India will oppose countries` attempts to renegotiate the Paris agreement, one of India`s top negotiators said at climate talks due to begin next week in Katowice, Poland.

Environmental groups said they hoped Trump would be defeated in 2020 by a rival who would join the deal with bold new goals. Dozens of governors, mayors and other local leaders have reiterated their promise to pursue the goals of the Paris Agreement under the "America`s Pledge" initiative, in the absence of federal leadership. President Trump initially announced that he would withdraw from the agreement in 2017 and formally briefed the United Nations last year.

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