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Side Letter To Limited Partnership Agreement

It is not uncommon to negotiate in a subsidiary letter the production of inspecie revenues. The exact conditions depend on the Fund`s documentation. As a general rule, a registration system will impose on the fund the obligation to divest illiquid assets when the investor chooses to do so (particularly for the dissolution of the fund). Managers established in the EEA are also subject to an additional requirement to ensure fair treatment of investors. In particular, preferential treatment of one or more investors should not result in a significant disadvantage for other investors. EEA managers should take this requirement into account when deciding whether or not to accept a specific provision of the letter. Take, for example, the page letter process. While an investment fund`s simple limited partnership agreement ("LPA") will generally act as a figurative spider, almost all cooperation partners will enter into "subsidiary letter" agreements with sponsors who are turning away from the APA. So if the LPA is the backbone, the condolence letters are the figurative neurons that come from it.

Some sponsors receive preferential treatment through these means. As preferential funds generally depend on the amount of a sponsor`s capital commitment to the fund, its investment history with the supplement`s previous funds, and other reasons. As a general rule, the constitutional documents of closed funds contain a mechanism to excuse an investor from participating in certain types of investments (usually due to regulatory or other constraints). It is common for an investor to notify the fund of possible restrictions before investing and/or seek the advice of external legal counsel to confirm that it is thus limited. When a fund is willing to negotiate excusal rights, it should try to limit investors` discretion as to what an excused investment is, as the focus should be on using the investor`s total commitment rather than allowing it to pick deals. If the volume of prohibited investments is indicated in the letter itself, it is generally useful to explain why they are prohibited in order to increase the likelihood that the provision will be made outside the scope of a relevant MFN right. Withdrawal fees may appear in supplements in various forms, including a waiver or, in the case of seed investors, the imposition of a blackout period. Other common provisions may include withdrawal fees, doors, mandatory withdrawal requirements, etc. The relationship between the companion and the sponsors is generally governed by the APA, which is a multilateral agreement between all partners. To the extent that there is a bilateral agreement between the companion and one or more specific commanders, inconsistent with the provisions of the APA, the question arises as to how a Canadian court would interpret a degree of potential inconsistency.

It is not surprising that it is likely that any decision is very specific. However, it is thought that there is a more tolerable degree of inconsistency than others. Other considerations have also been raised with respect to the disclosure of death letters to sponsors, if at all (particularly where the provisions of the subsidiary letter may be relevant to other sponsors) and a broader reflection on the disclosure arrangements that can be made to sponsors, as explained below.

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