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Purpose Of Deposit Agreement

This agreement and the deposit report do not create a fiduciary relationship with the bank. You agree to keep us unscathed, to the extent permitted by law, of all third-party claims against us arising from: (i) the receipt, handling, presentation, payment or return of items that are drawn or deposited into your account (including our status as a "transformative bank" with respect to replacement examinations and our preservation of objects after our midnight period); (ii) maintaining your account; (iii) as a result of your requests or instructions (including payment instructions); (iv) violation of this agreement or any other agreement; or (v) your or your agents. We have no right to be compensated for our own gross negligence or wilful misconduct. If your account is terminated, closed or terminated for any reason, you can request that the unspent balance be returned to you via ACH transfers or (if the platform is not communicated in writing) to one of your external accounts in our records. If your account is closed before the end of the account statement cycle, all interest generated for that cycle will expire. For security reasons, you may need to provide identification, external account and address verification documentation before conducting a refund check. 4 (14) days for the treatment of this residual yield. We may refuse to respect the cheques in your account that will be submitted to us for payment after the closing of your account. If the platform program is cancelled, closed or completed, the platform or we will send you a prior notification in accordance with applicable legislation. Specific information and instructions, including receiving a remaining account balance, can be found in the press release. We reserve the right to refuse the return of an unused balance of less than $1.00, unless required by current legislation, we may amend or amend the terms of this Agreement at any time by publishing the amended agreement on the site, and any such change takes effect with such a publication on the Site. The agreement is also available on our website. They are informed of any changes in the manner provided by the applicable law before the amendments come into force.

However, if the changes are made for security purposes or to your advantage, we can implement it without notice. 4. Fast and convenient service: Corporate clients must make a contract filing in the RMB contract only after consultation with the Bank of China, and the corresponding account keeping is automatically managed by computers, simply and with great efficiency. The following terms are used to describe electronic transfer services ("EFT"). "Automated credits" or "direct deposits" are deposits on your account electronically. "Automated payments" indicate payments you can make electronically from your account. The length of time funds are available varies depending on the type of deposit. This agreement includes the "agreement") on the unpaid debt account ("account"), which is made available to Evolve Bank -Trust, an Arkansas banking company ("Bank"), a member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) on behalf of Relay Financial Technologies Inc.

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