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Co-Term Agreement

Information on CO terms relates to general and specific regulations, specifications and standards that are an integral part of an agreement or contract. Co-term computing is mainly used when you add users or develop your license with more users than you currently have. If you activate a license with the same number of users as your active license or with fewer users, your active license will be extended for the duration of the license you have acquired. So if you have 100 users and you activate a one-year license with 100 users, your expiration date will be extended by one year. If you are merged with due fees, they will be merged and a new expiration date will be calculated based on the number of users updated and the duration of the licensed license you have activated. The only exception is that you want to extend your license and reduce the number of users. In this case, your number of users will be immediately reduced and your expiry date will be extended for the duration of the license you have acquired. As a service provider, whether you co-exist your licenses or activate a new license, all users go to your inventory in WatchGuard Cloud and can be assigned to any account. Licensed users can be assigned to any number of different managed accounts. Atlassian Cloud (annual contracts): Atlassian cloud is automatically tracked by design. Once the cloud environment has been created, all license changes in the current environment (new purchases, upgrades) are anetalized by the end of the cloud. We advise you to license jointly to simplify renewals and get a better price for each user when renewing.

With the growth of companies, their data center is growing and diversifying. In this case, more equipment is needed to track. Sometimes this leads a company to buy devices from more than one company. For example, a large company may use a NetApp device for its network, but an EMC device for memory. A major problem facing these companies is the difficulty and additional money they have in structuring and maintaining separate contracts with each first equipment equipment equipment manufacturer (OEM) from which they purchase. For those who are responsible for their company`s budgets, these separate contracts are expensive and require a lot of time to train and care for. Many companies know nothing about the so-called "Co-Term Support" that is available from third parties like Riverstone Technology. This article will help you explain what futures support is and how it can help your business succeed.

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